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mod_perlite LIVES!

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I just got this wonderful email from Aaron Stone:

Check out my github repo, I just tagged version 0.10 and it works and runs Movable Type! I can't take credit, mattn@github figured out which Apache calls would actually allow POST to work.

This is amazing and oh-so-excellent. Time to start testing. Major props to sodabew and mattn!

Interview with chromatic

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A couple of weeks ago Aaron and I spoke with chromatic about one of the Five Features Perl 5 Needs Right Now. It was a long conversation and it took some time to create the transcript, but it is finally available. Thanks chromatic!

A mailing list has been setup on Google Groups to help facilitate the discussion and community of users interested in helping to develop mod_perlite. Join now:

chromatic published earlier today on OReilly's blog network an article entitled, Five Features Perl 5 Needs Now. In that article he identifies mod_perlite as a critical missing piece to the Perl 5 stack:

mod_perlite, the equivalent of mod_php for Perl. mod_perl is an amazing piece of technology, but it asks a lot of administrators -- it effectively takes over the web server. Perl on the web could benefit from a system which allows cheap hosting providers to say "Just upload a few files into this directory, and everything will happen for you automatically!" without worrying about other customers on the same host fighting for resources (or namespaces or memory or...).

Very Serious Developers may still use mod_perl -- but novices and the rest of us who aren't handling more than a hit per second at peak time should have something easier to set up and gentler on resources than CGI.

Naturally, I couldn't agree more. Now is the time for those developers with the knowledge, ability and desire to help, to step up. I firmly believe this is easily within our grasp. We just need the will to do it!

How to get the source

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The modperlite project started at Six Apart, but in an effort to encourage a broader community to help contribute and help out, the source code has been moved to github.

A TODO list is being assembled by Aaron to help other developers know what help is needed.

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