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mod_perlite's TODO list

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For those following this project, mod_perlite is looking for help from developers to pick up the ball and get this thing moving again. Aaron has done a great job to-date getting a basic prototype functioning, but a lot more work is needed if this could possibly serve as a replacement to mod_cgi.

I asked Aaron to compile a "to do" list to help communicate to developers more concretely what we need help with. Here is the latest from github:

  • Fix form POST processing ('read' does not work reliably)
  • Limit Perl running time.
  • Find ways to cache code.

And some ideas of my own:

  • It would be great if there was a way to configure what Perl modules should be loaded into memory and shared across requests. Given that mod_perlite is stateless this will help reduce load time by effectively pre-loading much of what is needed by a CGI application.

  • Unit Tests - 'nuff said.

  • ./configure script - I "love" makefiles just as much as everyone else, but I would much prefer to use a more platform agnostic framework like the nearly ubiquitous configure script.

The last check in was in December so I am hoping we can pick up the ball on this again soon. What the project is in real need of is people with knowledge of the following:

  • writing Apache modules in C.
  • overriding system calls in Perl, or someone familiar with mod_perl internals.

If you or someone you know fits the bill encourage them to speak up - we need their help. *

A mailing list has been setup on Google Groups to help facilitate the discussion and community of users interested in helping to develop mod_perlite. Join now:

How to get the source

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The modperlite project started at Six Apart, but in an effort to encourage a broader community to help contribute and help out, the source code has been moved to github.

A TODO list is being assembled by Aaron to help other developers know what help is needed.

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